Data regions

By opting to store data on servers in a specific geographic region instead of using a global server, you can achieve reduced latency and improved app performance. This allows for faster data access and smoother user experience.

Clockify offers the following regional locations for you to store data within: 

  • USA (United States of America) 
  • AU (Australia) 
  • EU (Germany) 
  • UK (United Kingdom) 

To access this feature, you must be subscribed to either the PRO or ENTERPRISE plans or upgrade your current subscription.

Please note that a free trial version is not available. Once your subscription ends or is canceled, and the paid period concludes, you will retain access to the time you have tracked. However, you will no longer be able to track new time or transfer that data to any other regional or global server. 

Choose your preferred data region when creating your Clockify account: 

  1. Go to the Signup page 
  2. Create your account by entering your email address and password 
  3. Choose the region in which your workspace data will be hosted (global is the default)

If you choose a regional server, you’ll be redirected to the appropriate regional location. 

Suppose your company is based in Germany and you make the decision to opt for the EU server to host data you have on Clockify. By choosing the EU server, when you access the app, all your requests are directed to this server. As a result of its proximity, you have an enhanced speed, improved responsiveness and better overall performance while using the app.

At the moment, Clockify offers migration services exclusively for self-hosted users. 

Also, keep the following points in mind: 

If your workspace data is hosted on a global server  #

  • Transferring customer’s data from global to regional server can only be done for newly-created workspaces. We are not offering transfer from current global to specific regional server for an already existing user. 
  • If you prefer to host data on a regional server, you can follow the instructions mentioned above and create another account specifically for one of the available regions. 
  • Any data that already exists on the global server will remain there and will not be transferred. So, for example, if you’re in Germany and you create an account without selecting a specific data region, your workspace data will be stored on a global server by default, regardless of your location. 

If your workspace data is hosted on a regional server #

  • Transferring data from a regional server to a global server is not available. If you wish to move your workspace data from a regional server to a global server, please note that data transfer to a global server is currently unavailable. 
  • When you choose a data region before creating a workspace, your workspace data will remain on that server permanently and will not be transferred to a different region.  
  • Rest assured that hosted workspace data is fully compliant with GDPR. 

Self-hosting users  #

  • During the data transfer process, all data, including the users added to the specific workspace, will be transferred. 
  • Active users on the self-hosted workspace will remain active on the regional server and will be able to log in using the same credentials. 


  • If you wish to send API requests to a particular region, you need to utilize a region-specific URL in your API calls. For example, if your workspace data is hosted on the EU server, the endpoint example would be https://euc1.clockify.me/api/v1/get/workspaces instead of the default https://clockify.me/api/v1/get/workspaces
  • If you create a custom subdomain on a regional server, the resulting API URL will follow the format: subdomainname.clockify.me and the endpoint example would be: https://subdomainname.clockify.me/api/v1/get/workspaces