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Clockify is a free time tracker with additional (fee based) features that lets you request personal time off, and track leaves and absences.

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What is Paid Time Off (PTO)

Paid Time Off (PTO) includes vacation time, sick leave, personal time, federal holidays, family leave, maternity and paternity leave.

Many states require that employers provide the employees with documentation detailing:

  • PTO policies relevant to the state and the company
  • How PTO accrues and how employees can use it
  • How many PTO employees used up and how many they have left

Time Off in Lieu (TOIL)

Time Off in Lieu (TOIL) is another type of paid time off, where employees earn time off based on overtime work, as an alternative to pay.

This type of system relies on time accrued by days or hours that an employee has worked overtime — which is something you can preset in Clockify's settings.

Clockify — vacation tracker

Even though Clockify is primarily a time tracker, its functionality is much broader since it covers fields in the project and task management department, as well as a bit of accounting.

Moreover, Clockify has an integrated time off tracker with features that let you:

  • Set up policies regarding vacations and time off
  • Request personal time from your workplace administrators
  • See everyone's PTO calendar

How to track time off with Clockify?

It might sound confusing at first, but requesting and regulating time off with a leave tracker is extremely easy. Here are the basic steps that'll guide you through the process.

Step 1

Create a Clockify account

Before you start tracking time and requesting off days, you'll have to register on Clockify's website — it's free!

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Step 2

Invite your team

You can invite an unlimited number of people, for free. Clockify lets you add people to your workspace by sending them email invites.

Step 3

Employees log their hours

Employees fill their weekly timesheet, detailing what they've worked on and how much.

Employees log their attendance and time off like vacation and sick leaves in app or timesheet
Step 4

Set time off policy

Create a policy for each type of paid leave you offer employees (including holidays). You can create an unlimited number of policies for your team in the Workspace.

You can create policies for: Sick leave, Vacation, Business trip, Sabbatical, Family leave, Unpaid leave, Bereavement, National holiday, Jury day, Half-day, etc.

Definition of time off policies
Step 5

Request time off

Your team can send requests for time off by choosing the specific policy and the number of days they wish to use. Also, you can set up which members can approve the requests — e.g., members of the HR department and team managers.

(Note: Time tracking features are free. Creating policies, requesting leaves, and tracking balances requires the STANDARD subscription.)

Ask for time off and manager approval
Step 6

See who's on leave

When you click on the “Timeline” in the Time off sidebar, it'll show you all the upcoming leaves and holidays, as well as the vacation days your colleagues have chosen to take.

Time off timeline
Step 7

Track accruals and balance

Employees can check their PTO balance and accruals in the Time off section by clicking the “Balance” tab. They can also check their balance history, which includes pending and approved requests with optional notes on the sides.

Time off balance and accruals
Step 8

Track attendance

Track daily employee arrival and departure times, breaks, overtime, and time off.

Attendance report
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