Upcoming Features


Import users
Import users along with their information and access.
Automatically start/stop timer when at a jobsite.
Rates permissions
Choose who can see billable and cost rates.
2FA Auth
Protect your account's security with authenticator app.
Receive time off in lieu based on overtime hours.
Invoice item tax
Choose which items in an invoice are taxed.
QuickBooks expenses
Send expenses from Clockify to QuickBooks.
Kiosk photo
Take a photo when an employee clocks in and out via kiosk.
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In Progress

Project approval
Allow project managers to approve time on their projects.
Install add-ons
Activate custom add-ons for your woskspace.
Split time
Split a time entry into two with one action.
Budget Forecasting
Get forecast for projects that have monetary budget.
Schedule tasks
Schedule multiple tasks on a timeline.
Improved auto tracker
Choose which apps your wish to track and group activities.

Recently Finished

Multiple currencies
Define currency per client.
Kiosk project
Allow employees to switch between projects and tasks via kiosk.
Projects export
Download projects, tasks, and their status in Excel.
Switch to break mode and track breaks.
Attendance & Overtime
Daily summary of your team's start/end, work hours, breaks, and overtime.
Develop add-ons that extend Clockify with custom functionality.
Bulk edit users
Import and edit user profiles in bulk.
Export time off
Export time off requests and balances.
Require custom fields
Don't allow saving time if custom field is missing.
Bulk add tasks
Add multiple tasks to multiple projects at once.
Predict project performance based on past data.
Monthly approval
Submit and approve monthy timesheets.
Expense PDF
Download expense report along with receipts in one file.
Pomodoro timer
Pomodoro mode for Windows.
Email invoices
Send invoices and overdue reminders by email.
Scheduled vs tracked
Compare scheduled vs tracked time in a report.
Data region
Choose country where you wish to store your data.
Clock-in kiosk
Let employees clock-in and clock-out with a PIN code.

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