Create invoices from billable time and expenses.

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Clockify Invoicing feature
Creating invoice

Invoice information

Define all details and optional notes.

Billable items in an invoice


Manually add and edit items.

Total amounts for each billable item


Get amounts based on price and quantity.

Adding discounts and taxes in an invoice

Discount & Tax

Add discounts and taxes to invoices.

Importing billable hours and expenses to an invoice


  • Import billable hours and expenses
  • Choose how you wish to group items
  • Choose what details to include
  • Round up, down, or to nearest X minutes
  • Automatic invoiced tag for imported data
Downloading created invoice
Invoice status - paid, partially paid, overdue, sent, unsent, void


Mark invoices as sent, unsent, paid, or void.


See all unpaid invoices that are past due date.

Filtering overdue invoices
Customizing invoice appearance


  • Add company name, address, and logo
  • Choose what fields to display
  • Change text for invoice labels

Default settings

  • Set defaults for invoice subject and note
  • Customize "Bill from" contacts
  • Set custom currency for each invoice
Default settings for invoices
Invoice email templates

Email templates

Write your own text for client communication.

Uninvoiced hours

Filter report by status to find unvoiced hours.

Filtering uninvoiced time entries
Manually marking items as invoiced

Manually mark as invoiced

Mark time you've already invoiced yourself.

Record payment

See which invoices are not fully paid.

Partially paid invoices and recorded payments


Set a budget for billable projects and track their progress.


Set up hourly rates per user, project, or task.


Compare what you charge clients vs labor costs.

QuickBooks integration

Send time to QuickBooks for accounting and payroll.


Plan projects and assignments on a timeline.


Submit timesheets to managers for approval.